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Finsura Financial Planning & Risk Pty Ltd form part of the Finsura Group and are dedicated to the provision of financial planning, investment planning, estate planning, redundancy planning, risk protection and superannuation. All new clients to FPR are offered a free initial appointment without obligation.

Seeking professional help to achieve your financial goals is an important investment in your future. Finsura are committed to working with their clients to define their goals and to construct a Statement of Advice (commonly called a financial plan) designed to meet their requirements.

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No matter what your financial situation or stage of life, Finsura Financial Planning will help you get on track and stay there.
•Starting out. Setting up a successful financial future.
•The family years. Investment, debt management and cash flow
•Growing your wealth in your 30’s and 40’s
•Dealing with life events
•Approaching retirement. Understanding all your options
•Retirement – sustaining the lifestyle you want

Finsura Financial Planning has the planning tools and the experience to help you build a secure and rewarding financial future.

Above all our help is only a phone call or email away.

Buying out the interest of a partner who has passed away to protect your business from partners you inherit.

“Buy/sell” insurance allows you to buy out the interest of a deceased partner in the business and it is an important part of business succession planning.

If you were unprotected the death of this partner could mean you would be stuck in a compulsory partnership with one or more of the beneficiaries of their will. They may wish to withdraw their capital or not have the knowledge, experience to be involved in your business.

This form of life insurance will determine whether your business survives in the event of the untimely death of one of your key people.

A “key person” is anyone that makes a significant contribution to the profitability of your business. This might be through their experience, special knowledge, intellectual contribution etc.

It is easy to assess your need by simply doing the mental exercise of asking yourself what the business consequences would be if this person was suddenly not there.

Below are some of the consequences of the death of such a key person that this insurance can protect you from:

The cost required to recruit or train a new employee over the inevitable time delay before they can have them making a full contribution to the business.

Loss of production and therefore customers.

Loss of credit rating

Loans being called up

Loss of credibility if orders cannot be filled.

Loss of goodwill

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Over the last 10 years or so of strong economic growth, you may well have heard some backyard expert venture the opinion that life insurance was “not worth it” or that there were “better investments”.

In the present environment of rising interest rates and volatility in equities markets we are seeing more and more clients recognise the unique value that life insurance offers.

The word “investment” actually shows that these “experts” are missing the point. Sure life insurance can be very lucrative indeed for your family but really it is an investment in security and in the continuing life of your family. Even if you never claim you have bought this security at a bargain price for its true value.

You will benefit from life insurance if:
•You do not want to pass on your financial obligations to your family and want them to benefit from a simple lump payment.
•You would like to guarantee a certain standard of living to your family after your death.
•You would like to make sure your family can keep living in the family home.
•You are still reasonably young and fit but would like to have the peace of mind that life insurance brings.
•You would like to see your children well educated without financial strain.
•You know that a mother’s death can have as much financial impact as a father’s death.
•You are the sole proprietor of business owner who would like to protect key employees or like to improve your credit standings

How lucrative is Life Insurance?
Very lucrative indeed for the people you care about.

For a start it is an investment that can pay out its full value one second after it is signed.

Secondly, it is an investment that costs you less the earlier you start.

Thirdly if your family do make a claim, the payout is hugely valuable in proportion to your premium investment. If you don’t make a claim the value of your premium is hardly comparable to the security given.

Life Insurance is readily affordable
For most clients this is a very small monthly payment that is hardly noticed yet provides an important benefit – the knowledge that you have looked after those who your death will affect most.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

If you take being able to work for granted, you are like most of us. Yet it only takes a near miss or the misfortune of someone we know to remind us that we are only ever a slip on a step, a twist of a steering wheel or a chance collection of rogue cells away from being unable to earn an income.

How you and your family survive the normal costs of living if you were totally and permanently disabled?

Without being alarmist this is not a remote possibility. 1.1 million Australians are disabled long-term by heart, stroke and vascular diseases.

Total and Permanent disability insurance provides a lump sum if you are unable to work in any occupation to which you are suited taking into account your education, training and experience.

This illness or injury does not have to be work related. Diseases and life events that could lead to a claim include: cancer, mental illness, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart attack, road accidents and accidents at home.

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If you are working and between 18 and 55 this is an important form of insurance you should consider.

If you are struck down by an accident or injury there is a fair chance you will recover but not before an extended period where you may be unable to work.

The fact you may recover is wonderful but the problem is that if you are uninsured the time this takes could put crippling financial strain on your family as the normal costs of living quickly run out of control.

Income protection pays a proportion of your salary if you are ill or injured and unable to work for a period.

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This insurance pays a lump sum on the diagnosis of a wide range of medical issues. Many people like this security as in so many cases these conditions, though serious, do not prevent you from working forever.

This could be an excellent choice if you:

•Are at pre retirement age and have heavy debt levels
•Would like a lump sum to help pay your medical bills
•Would like to have the power of a lump sum to pay down your mortgage or take other measures to ease your family’s financial stress
•See the value in a lump sum payment on diagnosis not death
•Do not qualify for income protection insurance

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This cover is typically taken out by employers who want to add value to employee’s packages. It normally provides up to 75% of pre-disability income in the event of death and/or total and permanent disability.

Though this benefit is paid direct to the employee there are number of reason why companies find this cover attractive,

Firstly because it is bought in bulk over a group of people this it is cost effective yet gives an excellent level of security to employees. The value they receive can be an important element of goodwill.

Group salary continuance is particularly useful in finding and retaining good staff especially if these people do not have their own income protection.

Key Features

•Death, permanent disability or specific injury cover
•You can choose waiting periods from 30 days to many months
•Cover on leave without pay
•Return to work program
•Guaranteed renewable
•Options can include nurse care benefit and recovery assistance benefit.

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